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Camera Prop Hire: Camera & Video Camera Hire

Camera House has a wealth of experience in supplying cameras, the important equipment to accompany them, and a range of camera props to the UK market. From old and vintage props, to modern tv camera props, we guarantee you will be satisfied with the detail and quality of the camera props we have for hire. However, our expertise goes beyond just props, and among our camera hire services you will find camera equipment hire, video camera hire, and more all available for up to 21 days.

We have some iconic cameras that will bring authenticity to any project you need props for, all at very reasonable prices so that you don’t break the bank. Whether you require a wooden camera for a period piece, or a fake DSLR camera prop for a contemporary skit, you can hire it from us.

At Camera House we have passed our broad knowledge down the generations since 1895; we love sharing this knowledge, and our fine cameras & equipment with our customers. We have been a trusted source for camera rental for over a century, why not discover the reason for our success for yourself?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about how our camera hire works, or if you have any further requests. Our FAQ’s page may have some useful information that we hope will assist your choice, whether it be camera equipment hire or for our camera prop hire.

Our camera prop hire includes:

We also offer high quality video camera & equipment hire.