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Vintage Canon 2000

Develop BW Movie Film At Home

Develop BW Movie Film At Home Posted: 09/04/2018 By: Owen McCaffertyDisclaimer: Neither the author of this post nor the FPP, claims any liability for any damage done to yourself or others by using the chemistry or following the instructions in this post. Proceed at your own risk. Note that professional film labs like ColorLab and Spectra Lab can and will process your home movie film. So, you’ve decided to give black and white reversal movie film processing a go? Congrats! It’s a lot of fun, and the results are always satisfying. I.......Read the full article...

How To Store and Care for Film - Before and After Processing

This blog outlines proper storage of your film. Remember, it's a guideline for best case scenarios. If you're traveling or storing above these temperatures for short periods of time, don't sweat it...or as we say on The Film Photography Podcast, don't get The Film Sweats! Enjoy shooting, processing, scanning and printing! - Michael Raso Storage and Care of Photographic Materials - Before and After Processing Information provided by Kodak Alaris The photographic materials that you use to record images deserve the same kind of care and attenti.......Read the full article...